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We take care of Sweden's food waste


Sustainable Solution

ALLWIN AB has since 2010 developed an economically sustainable service solution with high continuity linked to the circular economy to reduce food waste in the Swedish grocery retailers and today serves 74 ICA, COOP and LIDL stores of which there are 37 stores in Stockholm, 26 stores in Gothenburg and 11 Stores in Malmö.

2 million meals

Allwin today performs with our national logistics partner Samhall over 19,000 collections and supplies around 1 million kilos (1,000 tonnes) of food, equivalent to over 2 million meals to the vulnerable per year for an estimated purchase value of over SEK 20-30 million.


social value

  • Social Commitment Local, Goodwill & Sustainable Store Image.
  • Reduced costs with Allwin's new product
  • Advertising campaign and marketing
  • Seen in Social Media Twitter, Facebook, Local Newspapers, Newspapers
  • Download of your food winners Mon-Fri
  • Reduce your food win by over 50%
  • Reporting on the volume of food obtained from your store as well as environmental gains
  • And many more benefits

Allwin creates large-scale social value through the creation of new jobs, environmental gains and food for social activities within the Swedish Church, non-profit associations and cafes for the homeless. 



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We get praise within the industry



  • 2017 Nordic Council Environment Prize 2017
  • 2012 Final: Consumer Prize Båslampan
  • 2011 Final: Entrepreneur of the Year, Swedish Recycling Award
  • 2011 Swedens contribution: European Week for Waste Reduction
  • 2011 Final: Änglamarkspriset, Resource Conservation, COOP
  • 2013 Winner: Entrepreneur of the Year, Swedish Enterprise
  • 2012 Winner: Corporate Social Responsibility West Sweden's award
  • 2012 Winner: Entrepreneur of the Year, Swedish Recycling Award
  • 2011 Sweden's 100 new comers, The Newspaper Shortcut
  • 2010 The Years 100 Inspirers, Tidnigen Leva
  • 2010 The Honors Prize & The Year's Environmental Hero, WWF


We spread knowledge about sustainability

Year 2015

  • 2015 Advisor / workshop: Nordic Council of Ministers, Oslo
  • 2015 Lecture on Allwin: ODD FELLOWS, Gothenburg
  • 2015 Lecture on Allwin: Business Region, Oslo
  • See full list

Year 2016

  • 2016 Lecture about Allwin: Rotary, Gothenburg
  • 2016 Lecture about Allwin: ODD FELLOWS, Gothenburg
  • 2016 FOOD RESCUE PARTY: Gothenburg University
  • See full list

Year 2013

  • 2013 Speaker: SOPRO, Trondeim, Norway
  • 2013 Speaker: FOOD RESCUE DAY, Chalmers University of Technology
  • 2013 Speakers: EU, FUSION - FOOD WASTE, Helsinki, Finland
  • See full list

Year 2014

  • 2014 Lecture on Allwin: Center Party, Gothenburg
  • 2014 Lecture on Allwin: University of Gothenburg (progressed)
  • 2014 Lecture on Allwin: Fenix - Culture and Knowledge Center, Vaggeryd
  • See full list

Food Waste

1.3 billion tonnes of food wasted per year


sweden's food waste

In Sweden today there are over 100,000 socially and economically vulnerable people, if all of them would have three meals of food a day, over 100 million meals are needed annually, equivalent to around 50 million kilograms of food.

The annual food waste in Swedish grocery trade is 75 million kilos of unsold food that the trade needs to shed is due to various reasons; wrong orders, aesthetic defects, delivery damage and it costs over 100 million kronor to hire traditional waste companies to cook this food.

allwin takes responsibility

Allwin does not consider the food to be classified as waste as it is unsold edible food. For trade, food has no commercial value anymore. For the vulnerable, it has a very high value. By "saving food", there are great environmental and social benefits for vulnerable people who are allowed to take part in the food free of charge through social activities.

Allwin works in the circular economy and is run by community entrepreneurs who work to create new jobs and build new community-based structures alongside the food industry's actors that make everyone win, All Win.



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